Amber Trails


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Thank you for everything


released June 15, 2014

Recorded at Broken Box Studios and Mastered by Ryan Jones




xPASSAGEx New York, New York

New York City, Straight Edge Hardcore

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Track Name: Minamata
Look at what you've done
This disease was birthed from man
Look at what you've done
Fed a beast that bites the hand
Look at what you've done
A city keels to your poison
Look at what you've done
No quarter for betrayal, you got to pay.

Lungs filled with fumes, eyes seared from smoke, skin bleached and scorched from fires that never die,

The open earth surrenders precious worth, all but few replace the plunder with infected flesh.

Your profit
We pay
You're guilty
No one is safe

No compromise
The guilty

Look at what you've done
These crimes you perpetrate
Look at what you've done
This sacrifice was no mistake
Look at what you've done
The lives you stole can't be atoned for
Look at what you've done
You are not our own

You take what You covet, few if any benefit, we don't share a common vision,

we will speak the same language,

with tongues of violence.

Approach your judgment with confidence,
even til the end you bear no shame

Your profit
We pay
You're guilty
No one is safe

No compromise
The Guilty
Track Name: Famine
Fruits of the Earth
Held high above our reach
Landscapes of bounty
Not even a memory

Throw away the harvest, a billion mouths to feed
Reap the poison thats sown, we planted this seed

Feast or Famine

On the edge of eden
Winds carry a lifelessness
In one season
An eon is stripped away

In the law of give and take
Something has to pay

Something always has to pay

There is no water until it's wasted, until it flows no more.
there is no meal until its tasted, hunger creates war.

Feast or famine

Fruits of the earth
Rot on the vine
Lives of bounty
Not even a memory
Track Name: Slow Knife
No relief, we are the hunted now,
running with metal in our backs,
against cliffs they ensnare our loved ones,
no graves to mark where we fall.

They will speak for bravery
Butchers canonized as saints
Their fires brightened this dark age
A land manifested by destiny

They will sing of heroes
Faces of which look nothing like our own
In one hand a bible in the other
a treaty to overturn this land

No redemption is found unless we stand up ourselves
Nations and peoples remembering who we are

Rediscover honor in our blood
Recover dances that heal
Relearn our forgotten tongues
Rewrite chapters that have no ending

No ending

This chapter is not over
Villians, they still walk this earth
They assume that we cant remember
Some wounds we will never forget
These wounds you will never forget

From our bodies
Unsheath the slow knife

Untie knots that bind tomorrow
Undo blinds that hide yesterday
Unsheath the slow knife
Unsheath the slow knife

slow knife
Track Name: Higher Ground
You don't know, how beautiful you are to me,
But I am blinded, by tragedy,
Don't judge me for believing in a better world,
You were everything, I thought I left behind

Sick of apologizing for trying to live without apology,
For seeing through the meaningless games of aggression,
No more sympathy for tears fueled by addiction,
they led us no where

You don’t know how beautiful you are to me,
But I have to leave you for higher grounds

Your words are poison, they do worse than harm,
Coursing through me long after your silence,
too late to take back what you didn’t mean,
It can’t be just me when we are both helpless
We were both Selfish,
I only wanted the very best for you

Punishing yourself, I see the lashes you self-inflict
but the sentence don't fit any crime
Your secrets are so clear to me, I’ll keep them until the end of time
knowing that you would have done the same

Thank you for pushing me away
You were pushing me to the surface

Head above water, I’ll always remember when

I would rather suffer you
than suffer without you
Track Name: Who to Love, Who to Fight
This world taught me how to fight, it never offered a way out.
Against the tide, against the wall, it was a fight against myself,
Lost to hate
Loss of faith
Living under a fog of war, I needed more than to lash out in vain.

I needed more than a mask,
More than just escape,
looking back at the world
It was I who had to change

My family taught me how to love, my conscious told me why to care
Among the ruins I was woken up to echoing cries of despair.
I listened to their stories of mistakes and misery,
Every life a compass, pointing to the true enemy

Who to love
Who to fight

You are your enemy

If I can't better myself
I better be dead and gone
Cause if I can't face myself
How do I face what is wrong

Tomorrow's not a promise that's one truth guaranteed,
Ill suffer for my indiscretions but they won't bury me.
I need to face myself, before I face off for my life
I know who to love
And who to fight
Track Name: Amber Trails
Orders of magnitude overwhelm our
animal minds
Herded along these lines, uneven ground
Shaped by time

Heat to work, wield the might afforded by
ten thousand years, we've built structures
As monuments, not for sustaining life

Every age has claimed permanence
Desperate to prolong that lingering light

Every tide we try to break
the Earth Pushes back
Every mountain that is raised
The Earth pushes back

Engines carry their own weight,
inconvenienced by passengers who are
Machines themselves

I can't remember the last thing you said,
Or did you say nothing at all?
Before you took off for the promises they waved,
I cursed both our fates

All their plans, they will fail
These paths we trace are amber trails