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I play a part in these crimes, in this push to the end of times
How many days are left, before the land is silent save the roaring flames.

We delay the pain, without remembering those who gave,
Those who suffer now,

this has to change.

Superstitions of the architect, An ancient mirror that only reflects how an animal has no future
If it works to destroy the past,

I fill my lungs,
With the residue of modern progress
Where I'm from,
We launch attacks of modern conquest

Lay the pipes,
No lessons learned,
We will pay the price,
The tax for the few who earn.
to save the harvest,
We spare our guilt
But not the forest.

I Can't
The way
Things Are

We create demand so that we must supply
There's no assurance, no promise divined that we must survive.

Its starts with me, it ends with me, I am the product of collective histories,
I am armed with a mind, with a heart, with these hands that will build this new world of ours

New world of ours

A new world of ours

I got to fucking fight
This system that doesn't care
About you and I
How much longer before it takes us with it.

I got to fucking fight
This system that doesn't care
This system which is blind
This system that I'm a part of

I got to fucking fight
But I can't do it alone,
For every stride we take together,
We make this world our own

I'm not alone, because I know you're with me,
I'm not alone, stronger from the strength you give me.

I got to fucking fight
This system that's doesn't bend
To soft words but heavy hands
And what weighs more than yours and mine.

I Won't
The Way
Things Are

I play a part in these crimes, can I break away
How many days are left, the time we have must not be wasted
We delay the pain, but no one can escape the grave,
So my only destiny, is to make sure this dies with me


from PASSAGE​/​It Never Happened Split, released July 9, 2014
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ryan Jones




xPASSAGEx New York, New York

New York City, Straight Edge Hardcore

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